Detailed Information

Waikipark Golden Retrievers is a reputable breeding and showing kennel located in the scenic hills of Boolarra in South Gippsland, spanning across 25 hectares of picturesque rural township. Established in 1990 by Wayne and Vicki, the kennel specializes in breeding high-quality Golden Retrievers with a focus on excellence in type and temperament. Over the years, they have produced numerous Australian Champions and continue to prioritize the health and happiness of their beloved Golden Retriever puppies.

Situated in the Strezlecki Ranges on 65 acres of undulating farmland, Waikipark Golden Retrievers is a family-run business that also operates a beef farm alongside caring for retired racehorses, horses, sheep, cats, chickens, and aviary birds. The family’s deep passion for Golden Retrievers extends to their children, with their eldest daughter, Rebecca, actively involved in showing the dogs and campaigning her own under the Clarelyn Kennels prefix. The kennel’s commitment to responsible breeding practices ensures the production of true-to-type Golden Retriever puppies that are not only beautiful but also well-tempered.

Wayne, who retired from a 34-year career in the power industry, and Vicki, who is also retired, dedicate their time to managing the farm and caring for their Golden Retrievers. Their youngest daughter, Meaghan, a Law Clerk in Traralgon, plays a crucial role in maintaining the home and farm operations when the family is away for dog shows or holidays. With a legacy of breeding excellence and a deep-rooted love for Golden Retrievers, Waikipark Golden Retrievers stands as a trusted name in the breeding and showing community.