Detailed Information

WagginTails is the premier Doggy Daycare and Dog Training Centre serving the Central Coast region. Established in 2009, we have earned a stellar reputation for enhancing the well-being and quality of life for dogs through our top-notch services. Our team of qualified Canine Psychologists, Vet Nurses, and Dog Trainers are among the most experienced professionals in Australia, ensuring that every dog in our care receives the best possible attention and training.

At WagginTails, we offer a loving, safe, and nurturing environment for dogs to thrive. Our doggy daycare services provide a full day of fun, adventure, and socialization, including activities like games, pool splashing, and training programs. We prioritize mental stimulation, exercise, affection, and socialization to keep dogs happy, well-balanced, and mentally healthy. Our behavior assessment process ensures that only well-socialized and friendly dogs are accepted into our harmonious environment.

In addition to our doggy daycare services, WagginTails also offers specialized puppy classes designed to give young dogs the best start possible. Our small, intimate classes are led by expert trainers and psychologists, equipping dog owners with the tools needed to raise a happy, well-balanced canine companion. Whether you’re looking for daycare, training, or socialization opportunities for your dog, WagginTails is the go-to destination for Central Coast pet owners seeking top-quality care and expertise.