Detailed Information

Wagging School Dog Training and Behaviour is dedicated to providing professional dog training services that focus on educating both owners and their furry companions while ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience. Our goal is to equip owners with essential skills to establish a positive, trusting, and lifelong relationship with their dogs. We emphasize the development of calm and assertive leadership qualities that can be applied throughout the rewarding journey of dog ownership.

Our basic obedience training program typically spans over 4 weeks, with one session per week. We understand that all dogs learn at different paces, but with owner compliance and consistent at-home training, the majority of dogs can master basic commands by the end of the fourth session. We offer after-hours advice to address any queries that may arise between training sessions. Additionally, we provide a satisfaction guarantee, offering a refund to clients who are dissatisfied after the first session.

For dogs requiring specialized attention to correct severe behavioral issues or trauma, Wagging School Dog Training and Behaviour offers personalized consultations with Floss Wood. Whether you have a rescue dog with a history of abuse, a dog displaying aggressive tendencies, or a pet with unpredictable behavior, Floss is equipped to help. To schedule a free phone consultation and embark on a transformative training journey for your dog, contact Floss Wood at 0421 752 696 or via email at florencewood.93@gmail.com.