Detailed Information

Wag It Games is a unique and innovative business that combines the joy of playing games with the opportunity to earn titles, all while embracing the whimsical spirit of Roald Dahl. Specializing in interactive and engaging activities for both pets and their owners, Wag It Games offers a one-of-a-kind experience that promotes bonding, fun, and skill development.

At Wag It Games, participants can expect to immerse themselves in a world where play is not only encouraged but celebrated. From agility courses to obedience challenges, each game is designed to bring out the best in both pets and their human companions. The Roald Dahl influence adds a touch of magic and wonder to the experience, making every moment spent at Wag It Games truly memorable.

Whether you have a playful pup or a spirited feline, Wag It Games welcomes all furry friends to join in on the excitement. With a focus on positive reinforcement and teamwork, the business creates a supportive environment where animals can thrive and owners can build lasting memories. Come discover the joy of play, the thrill of earning titles, and the enchantment of Roald Dahl at Wag It Games.