Detailed Information

Vonderanden German Shepherds is a reputable second-generation German Shepherd dog breeding business located in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. With a rich history of breeding and showing quality dogs, Vonderanden specializes in high-quality German Shepherd dogs, prioritizing temperament, phenotype, and structure. As active members of Dogs NSW and the German Shepherd Dog League NSW, they are dedicated to advancing the breed and maintaining high standards in their breeding practices.

Specializing in German bloodline show dogs, Vonderanden meticulously selects imported and local dogs to enhance the breed’s quality and characteristics. With a focus on limited litters per year, each puppy receives individual attention and care to ensure they grow up to be exceptional members of their future families. The team at Vonderanden takes great pride in their role as reputable breeders, driving continuous improvement in the breed through generations of careful selection and breeding practices.

Prospective customers are encouraged to reach out to Vonderanden German Shepherds to inquire about their breeding program or to arrange a visit to meet their adorable dogs. With strict health procedures in place to ensure the safety and well-being of their puppies, Vonderanden welcomes guests to witness firsthand the passion and dedication they bring to breeding high-quality German Shepherd dogs in Australia.