Detailed Information

VonBIOS is a niche breeder and trainer of working line German Shepherd Dogs (Deutscher Schäferhund), located near Melbourne, Australia. Specializing in breeding and training these magnificent canines known for their superior intelligence, high prey drive, bodily strength, strong character, and friendly disposition, VonBIOS is dedicated to producing exceptional litters of German Shepherd Dog puppies. The focus is on preparing each puppy for adoption and placement with suitable handlers who are committed to developing them into functional, responsive, and manageable members of their families or teams.

Founded by John Victor McIntosh in 2013, VonBIOS was established after his experience with a working line German Shepherd Dog named VonForell Tess. McIntosh’s passion for these dogs led him to delve into dog training and canine behavioral management, learning from various experts in the field. VonBIOS emphasizes the importance of genetic selection, environment, diet, exercise, obedience training, and dog sports in the development of their breeding canines, aiming to produce dogs that excel in various disciplines such as tracking, personal protection, and obedience.

With a commitment to continuous improvement, VonBIOS plans to enhance its operations by updating its pricing model, improving mobile and tablet functionality, and implementing a database system to manage canine health information and progeny research. The breeding program at VonBIOS focuses on genetic considerations, DNA assessment, and potential epigenetic influences to optimize breeding selection and improve the quality of working line German Shepherd Dogs for future generations.