Detailed Information

Von Zennith Rottweilers is a renowned Rottweiler breeding establishment located in Melbourne, Australia. With a rich history dating back to 1984, Von Zennith has been dedicated to the breeding, importing, and exporting of German bloodline Rottweilers. The kennel’s primary goal is to produce the complete Rottweiler, focusing on improving the breed’s quality and standards. Over the years, Von Zennith has imported over 50 live dogs and frozen semen from Germany and other European countries, including German Champions, European Champions, Siegers, and Siegerins.

The success of Von Zennith Rottweilers is evident through the numerous achievements of their dogs, including V-rated dogs, Best in Show winners, Australian Champions, and multi Stud Dog in Show titles. The kennel’s legendary sire, Arkon vom Hause Zillas, has been a prolific producer, passing on his exceptional qualities to future generations. Von Zennith’s bloodlines can be found in many local and international Rottweiler breeders’ stock, showcasing the kennel’s influence and impact on the breed worldwide.

Notably, Von Zennith is the first and only Australian kennel to have bred Rottweilers that have competed and excelled at prestigious events such as the German ADRK Klubshow. Their commitment to breeding high-quality Rottweilers that excel in both conformation and working abilities has led to international recognition and success. With a track record of exporting dogs and frozen semen to various countries worldwide, Von Zennith Rottweilers continues to uphold its reputation as a leading authority in the Rottweiler breeding community.