Detailed Information

Victorian Dog Training Academy is a renowned in-home dog training service based in Greater Melbourne. With over 10 years of experience, the academy has successfully helped numerous dogs and their owners overcome a wide range of behavior issues, from mild to severe. Specializing in resolving problems that range from nuisance behaviors to life-threatening situations, the academy is dedicated to providing effective and personalized training solutions.

Founded by Daniel, who holds a Certificate III in Dog Psychology, Behaviour, and Training, the academy focuses on creating a positive and stress-free environment for dogs. Daniel’s passion for understanding and improving dog behavior is evident in the personalized approach he takes with each client. Clients have praised the academy for its results-driven attitude, ethical practices, and commitment to achieving tangible improvements in their dogs’ behavior.

Aside from behavior training, Victorian Dog Training Academy also offers Scent Detection Training services, showcasing the team’s diverse expertise. Clients have expressed gratitude for the academy’s support and guidance in transforming their dogs’ behavior, highlighting the positive impact the training has had on their furry companions’ lives. For those seeking professional and compassionate dog training services in Melbourne, Victorian Dog Training Academy stands out as a trusted and effective choice.