Detailed Information

Uptrend Kennels is a reputable business specializing in breeding Portuguese Water Dogs, known for their exceptional health, soundness, type, and temperament. Located on a picturesque 30-acre property, Uptrend Kennels is owned and operated by a dedicated mother-daughter duo, Sarah and [Owner’s Name]. With a passion for the breed that spans over 18 years, Uptrend Kennels prides itself on being the quiet achievers in the world of Portuguese Water Dog breeding.

  • Founded by Sarah and her mother, Uptrend Kennels began its journey with their beloved first Porty, Abby, who was a cherished member of their family for 15 years. Abby, along with Archer, a curly male imported from Illona Griffon in the Netherlands, laid the foundation for Uptrend Kennels’ breeding program.
  • All dogs at Uptrend Kennels undergo thorough health testing, and the results are readily available for prospective buyers. The Portuguese Water Dog, known for being non-shedding and low allergenic, is a highly intelligent and strong-willed breed that requires regular exercise and grooming. Uptrend Kennels is committed to providing ongoing support and guidance to both puppy owners and individuals interested in the breed.

Whether you are looking for a loyal companion or a show-quality Portuguese Water Dog, Uptrend Kennels’ focus on health, temperament, and breed standards ensures that each puppy is a cherished addition to its new family. Contact Uptrend Kennels today to learn more about this unique breed and the exceptional breeding program they offer.