Detailed Information

Unhurried is a pioneering business dedicated to transforming traditional animal care practices and fostering deep connections between animals and humans. Led by Mia, a Certified Trust Technique Practitioner, Unhurried challenges the status quo by emphasizing patience, compassion, and understanding in animal-human relationships. Mia’s approach is rooted in the belief that animals are not dumb or stubborn but rather respond to their environment through their nervous system. By promoting neuroception and co-regulation, Unhurried aims to help animals and their owners navigate challenges and foster trust and peace.

At Unhurried, the focus is on advancing people’s understanding of animal intelligence and consciousness while advocating for a more compassionate approach to animal care. Mia’s clients experience profound transformations as they transition from states of despair and frustration to clarity and peace. Unhurried’s tribe consists of individuals who seek alternative perspectives and practices in animal care, viewing problem behaviors as signals of a dysregulated nervous system in need of support and understanding. The business promotes open conversations about death and dying, believing that such discussions are essential for a healthy society.

Through Trust Technique sessions, Mia empowers clients to deepen their relationships with their animals and themselves. Whether it’s helping an anxious Kelpie unravel its busy mind or assisting a reticent mare in building trust, Unhurried’s approach is characterized by patience, kindness, and knowledge. By offering exclusive content and tools for mental health hygiene, Unhurried envisions a world where animal-human relationships are free of fear and unresolved trauma. Join Unhurried’s community to embark on a journey of connection, understanding, and peace.