Detailed Information

The Tuggeranong Dog Training Club, located at 42 Rowland Rees Cres, Greenway ACT 2900, is a well-established volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization that has been serving the community since its founding in 1995. The club was established to meet the growing need for obedience training for dogs in the area. They offer a comprehensive training program catering to fully-vaccinated dogs aged 3 months and older, providing a supportive and fun environment for both owners and their canine companions to learn and grow together.

At Tuggeranong Dog Training Club, they go beyond basic obedience training by offering a variety of dog sport activities such as agility, flyball, scentwork, rally-o, and tricks classes. Whether you are looking to have a well-behaved companion or interested in competing in various dog sport trials and events, the club provides a range of options to suit your needs and interests. Additionally, they support the ACT Government’s Yellow Dog campaign and offer yellow vests and bandanas for use during classes, promoting responsible pet ownership and safety.

The club’s facilities include fully fenced training grounds, exercise and socializing yards, as well as a Club Store stocked with essential training products. Classes are held regularly, allowing owners and dogs to progress at their own pace while enjoying the benefits of structured training and socialization. If you are seeking a positive and rewarding training experience for your furry friend, Tuggeranong Dog Training Club is the ideal destination to nurture your bond and enhance your dog’s skills.