Detailed Information

Tropical Queensland Cat Clinic is a boutique veterinary practice located in Townsville, Queensland, dedicated exclusively to the care of cats. As the first cat-only vet clinic in Townsville and North Queensland, we offer a comprehensive range of general and medical feline services, including routine vaccinations, surgery, ultrasound, and behavioural consultations. Our team of highly trained staff, led by Dr. Melissa Barbuto, BVSc MANZCVSc, is committed to providing excellence in veterinary care tailored specifically to the needs of cats and their owners.

At Tropical Queensland Cat Clinic, we strive to be the top choice for cat owners in the region by offering a compassionate and feline-focused approach to veterinary medicine. In addition to our standard veterinary services, we also provide cat boarding facilities and can manage cats requiring medication while their owners are away. Our dedication to feline welfare extends beyond our clinic, as we actively participate in education, neutering programs, and clinical research to improve the well-being of cats locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our team at Tropical Queensland Cat Clinic includes experienced veterinary professionals such as Jodie-Lee Mills, Nia Beckett, Liz Cummings, and Catherine Ireland, who share a passion for feline care. The clinic is also home to resident cats Andy, Archie, Skimby, and Lord Arnott “Chip” McVittie, who provide emotional support to our staff. If you’re looking for a veterinary clinic that understands and loves cats like no other, contact Tropical Queensland Cat Clinic today to schedule an appointment and experience the highest standard of veterinary care for your feline companion.