Detailed Information

Training With Hart is a professional dog training business founded by Erin Hart in 2022, dedicated to providing positive and ethical behavior solutions for pets and their owners. Erin, a Veterinary Science (Honours) student with a Diploma of Canine Behavior, is a Certified Separation Anxiety Professional Trainer and a member of various reputable organizations such as AVBM, AVSAB, APDT, and PPGA. With a passion for animal behavior, Erin focuses on understanding and effective communication with pets to help clients achieve harmony in their relationships.

Specializing in rewards-based training, Training With Hart offers a range of solutions tailored to address the underlying causes of pet behaviors rather than just suppressing them. Erin’s expertise extends to working with complex anxiety and aggression cases, providing client counseling, and pursuing ongoing education in animal behavior. With a commitment to force-free, positive reinforcement methods, the business aims to ensure long-lasting success in training and improved welfare for animals.

Erin Hart’s vision for Training With Hart is to become a Veterinary Behavior specialist, offering outstanding quality of life for animals through science-backed training techniques. With a focus on canine neuroscience, cognition, and applied ethology, Erin strives to support clients and their furry companions through difficult behaviors by providing up-to-date information and compassionate guidance.