Detailed Information

Training Four Paws PTY LTD was founded with the vision of empowering dog owners with the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to help their beloved pets reach their full potential. Located in the picturesque Bonogin Valley, just a short drive from Robina, the business offers a range of services including dog training, obedience classes, puppy training, behavior modification, in-home assessments, and private lessons. The founder, David De Torres, brings a wealth of experience in rehoming and rehabilitating rescue dogs, holding certifications from the National Dog Training Federation of Australia and being a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers of Australia.

At Training Four Paws, our mission is to cultivate calm, balanced, and contented dogs that not only enrich the lives of their owners but also contribute positively to their families. We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to achieve their desired goals for their furry companions. Through compassionate and patient guidance, we aim to prevent as many dogs as possible from being surrendered to animal rehoming shelters, fostering a harmonious bond between dogs and their loving families.

As part of our commitment to the community, Training Four Paws organizes regular free community dog walks, welcoming all dog lovers to join us in these engaging events. Our dedication to providing affordable dog training, walking, and behavior solutions reflects our passion for supporting dog owners in nurturing fulfilling relationships with their canine companions. Follow us on social media for updates on upcoming events and join our community of dedicated dog enthusiasts.