Detailed Information

TKDogTraining is a holistic dog training business founded by Matilda The Canine Coach, with a philosophy that views dog training as more than just a service but as a way of life. Matilda’s approach is centered around supporting and empowering dog owners through the various challenges and joys that come with sharing their lives with their furry companions. By focusing on building strong relationships, fostering engagement, and boosting confidence, TKDogTraining aims to bring about significant transformations for both dogs and their owners.

At TKDogTraining, a range of services are offered to cater to the diverse needs of dog owners, including 1-2-1 coaching, group coaching sessions, advice calls, courses, membership options, and access to valuable resources. Dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors, are welcomed with open arms, emphasizing that no dog is ever considered ‘too old’ to benefit from training and guidance. The business prides itself on its commitment to providing comprehensive support and guidance to help dog owners navigate the ups and downs of life with their beloved pets.

With a vision to trigger positive change and growth through core foundations of training and understanding, TKDogTraining, in collaboration with TKDesign, envisions a future where every dog and owner can experience the profound impact of a holistic and relationship-focused approach to dog training. Founded on the belief that training is not just a task but a transformative journey, TKDogTraining is dedicated to helping dogs and their owners thrive together.