Detailed Information

Time For Walkies is a renowned dog training business founded by Chloe, a Qualified Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviour Practitioner based in Kalgoorlie and Perth, Western Australia. With a unique approach to training, Chloe teaches dog owners how to effectively communicate with their furry companions using energy and body language, without the need for treats or force. Her expertise in dog behavior and psychology, gained through formal training in Australia and the UK, has enabled her to successfully train thousands of dogs over the years.

Originally established in Melbourne in 2016, Time For Walkies has since expanded its services to include one-on-one behavioral training exclusively, specializing in aggression and reactivity. Chloe’s relocation to Kalgoorlie led to a re-launch of the business, catering to dog owners in Geraldton, Esperance, and beyond. With a focus on understanding how dogs think and learn, Time For Walkies equips owners with the skills to communicate effectively with their pets, fostering balanced and happy relationships.

In addition to Chloe, the business boasts a team of skilled trainers, including Kat based in Perth. Kat’s journey into dog training began with her own dog, Sarge the Mastiff, who struggled with reactivity and control issues. Through extensive training and experience, Kat has overcome these challenges and is dedicated to helping dog owners navigate similar issues. With a commitment to promoting positive energy and body language, Time For Walkies aims to eliminate anxiety in dogs, ensuring they lead fulfilling and well-behaved lives.