Detailed Information

Therapy Dogs is a renowned organization that specializes in providing Animal Assisted Activities and community visiting programs through the use of highly trained and credentialed therapy dogs. Each team member undergoes a rigorous assessment process, classroom and hands-on training, mentorship, and professional development to ensure the highest standards of service. The organization focuses on incorporating dogs into therapeutic interventions to improve social, emotional, and cognitive functioning, as well as increase motivation and participation in various environments.

The network of passionate individuals at Therapy Dogs is dedicated to promoting the benefits of animal-assisted interventions and enhancing the well-being of individuals through human-animal interactions. With a strong emphasis on professional expertise and clinical applications, the organization offers a range of training programs, resources, and instruments for both the community and professionals. Through a blend of online, offline, and classroom training, Therapy Dogs aims to educate and empower individuals to harness the positive impact of animals in therapy and treatment settings.

As the largest Therapy Dog registration body in South Australia, Therapy Dogs provides members with access to comprehensive learning programs, insurance coverage, professional development events, support staff, and national representation. The organization’s commitment to excellence is exemplified by champions like River Majestic, a standard poodle who has made a significant impact in the community. In times of need, such as River’s recent critical health situation, Therapy Dogs relies on the generosity of supporters to continue providing life-saving care and emergency services for their beloved therapy animals.