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The Woodland Wag, LLC, founded by Pamela Natale, is a dog-centered business that offers a range of services dedicated to the well-being and happiness of dogs. Pamela’s passion for dogs stems from her upbringing with her childhood dog, Princess, and her beloved dog, Abbie, who joined her family in 2013. The business is inspired by Pamela’s commitment to providing the very best for dogs, from training techniques and playgroups to exploring hiking trails and fostering a deep understanding of dog behavior.

Pamela’s educational background in psychology, including a Bachelor’s Degree from Salve Regina University, has equipped her with a solid foundation in behavior and learning theories that she applies to her dog training and handling skills. She is a certified Family Dog Mediator and has attended various dog training conferences and courses, including seminars on dog emotions, cognition, and clicker training. Pamela’s philosophy revolves around respecting and loving dogs for who they are, allowing them to be themselves and enjoy their natural instincts and behaviors.

At The Woodland Wag, dogs are encouraged to explore, play, and interact with nature freely. Pamela’s own dog, Abbie, serves as a constant inspiration and teacher, guiding her in deepening her bond with dogs and providing them with a fulfilling life. Through a combination of training classes, outdoor activities, and a loving home environment, The Woodland Wag aims to enhance the well-being and happiness of dogs, fostering a harmonious relationship between dogs and their human companions.