Detailed Information

The Visiting Veterinarian is a compassionate and dedicated mobile veterinary service founded by a highly experienced veterinarian who graduated from The University of Queensland in 1998. With over two decades of expertise in small animal internal medicine, this veterinarian has a deep commitment to providing a stress-free and comfortable end-of-life experience for beloved pets. The service specializes in offering at-home euthanasia, recognizing the importance of allowing pets to say goodbye in familiar surroundings surrounded by their loved ones.

Having started as a mobile veterinary service in Brisbane six years ago, The Visiting Veterinarian has garnered praise for its empathetic approach and gentle care during the most difficult moments for pet owners. Clients have expressed gratitude for the kindness, compassion, and expertise shown by the veterinarian, highlighting the peaceful and dignified manner in which their pets were able to pass. The service aims to ease the loss of a faithful companion by providing a more personal and intimate alternative to traditional clinic-based euthanasia.

Appointments with The Visiting Veterinarian can be scheduled to accommodate the needs of pet owners, ensuring a convenient and thoughtful experience during a challenging time. The service emphasizes the importance of allowing pets to transition in a familiar and comfortable environment, offering a dignified and gentle way to bid farewell to a cherished furry friend.