Detailed Information

The Vets Mobile Service & Mason House Surgery is a reputable veterinary clinic located in Sale City, Victoria, offering comprehensive pet care services. Conveniently situated near Gippsland Centre Sale, our clinic features a dispensary on-site, allowing pet owners to easily collect their pet’s medication after their visit. Equipped with the latest veterinary medical technology, we provide top-notch diagnoses and treatments on-site, ensuring your pet receives the best care possible.

At The Vets Sale, we understand the importance of pets in our clients’ lives and are dedicated to offering professional advice and affordable care to ensure their longevity, happiness, and health. Our team is available 24/7 to cater to your pet’s needs, with a focus on providing exceptional service to the Sale City community. Whether you require routine check-ups, emergency care, or specialized treatments, our mobile service and Mason House Surgery are here to serve you and your beloved pets.

Located at 36 Cunninghame Street, Sale Victoria, our veterinary clinic is committed to delivering high-quality care and personalized attention to every furry patient that walks through our doors. With a strong emphasis on compassionate care and utilizing the latest medical advancements, The Vets Mobile Service & Mason House Surgery is your trusted partner in ensuring the well-being and health of your cherished pets.