Detailed Information

Pets Country Club is a luxury pet boarding hotel located at Elcho Park in Lara, Victoria. With a rich history dating back 150 years, the bluestone cottage that houses the facility was originally built in 1867 as the gatehouse to the Elcho Homestead. Family-owned since 1996, Pets Country Club offers premium Dog Suites, Cat Suites, and Doggy Day Care services, ensuring that your furry friends have a great holiday while you are away.

At Pets Country Club, we understand the anxiety pet owners may feel when leaving their beloved companions for the first time. That’s why we provide superior customer service and free dog temperament assessments to ensure your pets are in great hands. Our facility features spectacular open spaces at Elcho Park, Lara, where morning dog play is included with every stay. Join our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter, filled with fun pics, pet owner tips, and special offers.

With a focus on comfort and safety, Pets Country Club offers luxury amenities such as flat-screen TVs in the suites, premium quality food for all pets, and numerous dog-safe play areas. Our facility is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance and personnel monitoring to ensure the well-being of both pets and staff. Whether you need dog accommodation, pet activities, doggy day care, or cat accommodation, Pets Country Club is the premier choice for pet owners in Geelong and surrounding areas.