Detailed Information

The Natural Vets is a holistic veterinary practice dedicated to providing trusted advice and compassionate care for pets. Our services are accessible to pet families worldwide, offering consultations in-clinic, by phone, or online via video. Existing clients can also benefit from our ‘Ask a Vet One Quick Question Email Service’, ensuring prompt assistance for their pet’s needs.

At The Natural Vets, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of animals, offering high-quality products such as HAQIHANA harnesses that promote freedom of movement and prevent discomfort. Additionally, we provide holistic treatments including Homeopathy and Chinese Herbs, which stimulate the animal’s own healing powers and offer relief from various disease symptoms. We also offer guidance on vaccinations and Titre Testing to ensure your pet receives the necessary care.

Every pet deserves to thrive, and at The Natural Vets, we strive to help pet families find the education and veterinary care they need to keep their pets well. Partnering with VetPay, we offer payment plan options to make quality care accessible to all. Join us on the journey to discovering your pet’s path to wellness and watch them flourish under our holistic approach.