Detailed Information

The Mindful Dog is a premier puppy training and separation anxiety resolution business located in Crows Nest on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. Led by Radica, a certified Family Dog Mediator and experienced puppy school instructor, The Mindful Dog offers in-person puppy training classes designed to teach essential life skills to new puppy parents. With a focus on preventing behavior problems and providing a stress-free learning environment, The Mindful Dog helps puppy owners set their furry friends up for success from day one.

Recognizing the importance of early training and socialization, The Mindful Dog emphasizes the significance of enrolling in puppy parenting classes before puppies are fully vaccinated. In addition to puppy training, the business specializes in resolving separation anxiety-related behaviors in family dogs. Through systematic private coaching and a guided approach, Radica helps dog owners address common issues such as continuous barking and distress when left alone, ensuring a harmonious relationship between pets and their families.

With a unique approach that combines dog training with applied ethology principles, The Mindful Dog goes beyond traditional methods to provide a holistic understanding of a dog’s behavior. By focusing on social and emotional learning, Radica helps puppy parents develop their puppies’ ability to self-regulate emotions and make socially acceptable behavior choices. Whether you’re looking to enroll in puppy classes or seek help with separation anxiety, The Mindful Dog offers expert guidance to create a healthy and happy relationship between you and your canine companion.