Detailed Information

The Lions Den Sydney Cat Hotel offers a new level of comfort for your feline companion. Located in the inner west of Sydney, our luxury cattery is meticulously designed by veterinarians with a focus on providing a serene and secure environment for cats. Our custom-built facility features spacious suites with a variety of plush pillow options for your cat’s ultimate relaxation.

At The Lions Den, we understand that cats have unique needs and preferences. That’s why our expert staff go above and beyond to cater to every whim of your furry friend. From exercise and bedding to bathroom facilities, we ensure that your cat feels safe, comfortable, and pampered during their stay with us. With no cages in sight, our oversized suites offer ample floor and vertical space, providing a royal experience for your beloved pet.

Whether you’re heading away for a short trip or an extended vacation, The Lions Den is the ideal choice for cat boarding in Sydney. Our luxury pet boarding facility is located in convenient spots across Sydney, including St. Peters, Surry Hills, and Bellevue Hill. Rest assured that your cat’s health, safety, and happiness are in good hands at our top-ranking veterinary clinic. Contact us today to experience a new level of comfort and luxury for your feline companion.