Detailed Information

The Healing Vet is a leading provider of holistic veterinary care, dedicated to optimizing the health and vitality of pets while empowering pet owners to take an active role in their pet’s healing journey. Dr. Edward, a highly skilled integrative veterinarian, offers a range of services including Integrative Veterinary Medicine Consultations, Holistic Pet Health mentoring, and Whole Energy Body Balance™ Neuro-fascial Bodywork and Energywork sessions. With a mission to deliver compassionate care, The Healing Vet combines natural, complementary, alternative, and conventional treatments to support profound healing and enhance the well-being and longevity of furry companions.

Dr. Edward’s journey into holistic veterinary care stems from a deep connection with animals cultivated during his upbringing on a cattle property in North Queensland, Australia. Witnessing casual brutality towards animals fueled his passion to establish a trusting and healing relationship with them. Through innovative methods and world-leading trainings, The Healing Vet aims to address silent pain in pets, offering free tips, recommendations, and case studies to educate pet owners on recognizing and treating subtle signs of discomfort. By demystifying the energetic nature of the body, The Healing Vet empowers pet owners to enhance their pets’ quality of life through intuitive and empathic healing practices.

With a focus on promoting animal well-being and fostering deeper connections between pets and their owners, The Healing Vet strives to provide the highest quality integrative veterinary care. By blending conventional diagnostics with holistic treatments, Dr. Edward and his team aim to minimize the use of medications, prioritize pet health, and reduce stress for both pets and their caregivers. Through a commitment to love, kindness, and professional expertise, The Healing Vet endeavors to support every pet in living their best life, free from pain and full of vitality.