Detailed Information

The Happy Hound Initiative is a dedicated dog training business founded by Kat, a passionate animal lover with a strong commitment to enhancing the bond between dogs and their owners. With a focus on fun, effective, and kind training methods, Kat aims to make learning simple and enjoyable for both dogs and humans. By designing easy-to-understand training programs that prioritize building mutual trust and respect, The Happy Hound Initiative sets both dogs and their owners up for success.

Kat’s journey into dog training began through fostering over 20 dogs and puppies, where she witnessed firsthand the transformative power of education and training in improving a dog’s life. Her formal education in Companion Animal Management equipped her with a deep understanding of dog psychology, learning theory, and health management. As a member of reputable organizations promoting science-based, force-free, positive training methods, Kat ensures that her training approach is rooted in the latest research and best practices.

Specializing in working with a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even chooks, The Happy Hound Initiative offers a diverse range of training services to cater to different needs and preferences. As a recommended trainer for mindDog Australia, Kat takes immense pride in training psychiatric assistance dogs and holds a Fear Free Certified® Professional certification, reflecting her commitment to providing a safe and positive training experience for all furry friends. Powered by good dogs and puppy treats, The Happy Hound Initiative is dedicated to sharing Kat’s passion for animals and helping owners strengthen their relationships with their beloved pets.