Detailed Information

The Gentle Farewell is a compassionate mobile veterinary pet euthanasia service located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Dr. Simonne, a highly qualified and experienced veterinary surgeon, aims to provide a peaceful and gentle passing for beloved pets in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. With over 26 years of veterinary experience, Dr. Simonne understands the deep bond between pets and their families, offering personalized care and support during this difficult time.

At The Gentle Farewell, the focus is on creating a serene and intimate environment for both the pet and their family members. Dr. Simonne ensures a one-on-one approach, from the initial phone call to the euthanasia process, allowing families to tailor the experience to their preferences. By eliminating the need for trips to a veterinary clinic, especially for non-mobile or ailing pets, The Gentle Farewell provides a sensitive and personal alternative for families facing the end-of-life journey with their beloved pets.

With a commitment to professionalism and empathy, The Gentle Farewell offers a unique service that prioritizes the well-being and comfort of pets and their families during a challenging time. Dr. Simonne’s dedication to supporting families through the palliative process, end-of-life decisions, and grief ensures a compassionate and understanding approach to pet euthanasia on the Sunshine Coast.