Detailed Information

The Dog’s Way UK Ltd. is a dedicated dog psychology and training business based in North Yorkshire, proudly made in England. Specializing in resolving behavioral issues, the team at The Dog’s Way is committed to helping dogs with chronic fears, anxiety, aggression, and other complex issues that may not be addressed through traditional training methods. With a focus on understanding each dog’s temperament, health, background, and relationship with their owner, The Dog’s Way aims to provide tailored solutions to improve the lives of both dogs and their owners.

Founded by James, a highly experienced professional with a background in advanced canine behavior and dog law, The Dog’s Way offers a range of specialist services for dogs in need of extra support. James, along with his team of canine companions including Charlie, Théo, Olive, Fudge, and Fleur, works closely with clients to create a safe and effective training environment. The business also collaborates with Ste Crane, an expert in preventative training programs, to help owners establish a strong foundation with their dogs from the beginning.

Whether dealing with separation anxiety, reactivity, or other challenging behaviors, The Dog’s Way is dedicated to helping dogs and their families build stronger relationships and create a harmonious living environment. With a focus on dog psychology, practical hands-on training, and a commitment to client satisfaction, The Dog’s Way is a trusted resource for those seeking specialized support in North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.