Detailed Information

The Dog Project is a leading dog training business that offers a smart approach to dog behavior, focusing on creating great dogs and owners. With a strong emphasis on force-free methods and utilizing the intelligence of animals, The Dog Project provides group classes and in-home training for all dogs. The team at The Dog Project believes in building trust, offering choice, and prioritizing ongoing education to ensure the best outcomes for both dogs and their families.

The dedicated team at The Dog Project is led by passionate individuals who are committed to helping pet dogs and their families live harmoniously together. From Jacqui, who shares her home with a Beagle puppy and chickens, to Rosie, who found her love for K9 Nose Work® with her Irish Setter Buddy, each team member brings a unique perspective and expertise to the business. Lynn, the resident ‘details’ expert, focuses on enhancing communication between humans and dogs, while Julz, a former client turned Instructor, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team.

Whether you are looking to improve your dog’s behavior, strengthen your bond with your furry companion, or simply enhance your training skills, The Dog Project is dedicated to providing science-based, ethical, and effective training approaches. With a focus on learning and growth, The Dog Project is committed to helping dogs and their owners thrive together.