Detailed Information

The Dog Dynamic – Behaviour & Training is a reputable dog training business located south of Hobart, Tasmania, founded and operated by Isabel. With a strong educational background in Chemistry and Biotechnology, Isabel brings a unique blend of scientific knowledge and practical experience to her training methods. She is dedicated to using positive and modern techniques to help dog owners build strong, trusting relationships with their canine companions.

Isabel’s approach to dog training is evidence-based, kind, and effective. She specializes in settling new dogs and puppies into family life, as well as teaching scent work as a valuable tool for everyday life. Her services range from classes to private consultations and workshops, both online and offline. By focusing on motivational techniques that include food, toys, and markers, Isabel ensures a safe and enjoyable training experience for both dogs and their owners.

Testimonials from satisfied clients highlight Isabel’s exceptional skills as a trainer and behaviorist. Her ability to understand the challenges faced by both humans and dogs on the journey to canine good citizenship sets The Dog Dynamic apart as a trusted resource for dog owners seeking professional training services in the Hobart and Huon areas. Whether you’re dealing with behavioral issues or simply looking to strengthen your bond with your furry friend, Isabel and The Dog Dynamic are here to help.