Detailed Information

The Causeway Veterinary Clinic is a family-oriented veterinary practice that prioritizes personalized care for both pets and their owners. Our dedicated team of veterinarians and staff members strive to create a warm and compassionate environment where every pet is treated like a member of the family. With fully equipped examination rooms, a modern operating theatre, and advanced diagnostic capabilities, we offer comprehensive medical, surgical, and preventive care services to ensure the well-being of your beloved pets.

At The Causeway Veterinary Clinic, we emphasize the importance of preventive healthcare, including vaccinations, parasite control, dental care, and nutritional guidance. Our experienced veterinarians conduct thorough physical examinations, recommend timely vaccinations, and provide tailored advice on pet nutrition to promote optimal health and longevity. Additionally, we offer surgical services ranging from routine procedures to complex surgeries, all performed with the utmost care and expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes for your pets.

Whether you are seeking routine wellness care, emergency services, or specialized treatments, The Causeway Veterinary Clinic is committed to delivering high-quality veterinary care with a personal touch. We welcome you and your furry companions to experience our exceptional level of service and expertise, and we look forward to building a lasting relationship with you and your pets.