Detailed Information

The Cat Motel is a unique and innovative cat boarding facility that can accommodate up to three cats per family, with options available for larger families as well. Established in 2005, The Cat Motel revolutionized the traditional concept of animal boarding by prioritizing the comfort and safety of feline guests. Gone are the days of cramped enclosures and limited drop-off windows; instead, we focus on creating a stress-free environment that keeps our furry guests content and happy.

At The Cat Motel, we pride ourselves on providing a personalized and attentive experience for each cat in our care. Our dedicated staff members are passionate about feline welfare and go above and beyond to ensure that every cat feels at home during their stay. Customers have consistently praised our facility on platforms like WOMO and Pet Stay Advisor, highlighting our exceptional service and the genuine love we have for cats.

If you’re looking for a top-notch boarding facility that puts your cat’s well-being first, look no further than The Cat Motel. With a focus on individualized care, comfortable accommodations, and a stress-free environment, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for both our feline guests and their owners.