Detailed Information

The Cat Cave Cat Boarding is a premier feline boarding facility located in the Geelong district, specifically in Ocean Grove. Situated in a newly built warehouse, The Cat Cave offers spacious walk-in enclosures for cats of all temperaments. Whether you need short or long-term boarding, family suites for multiple cats, or quiet spaces for shy felines, The Cat Cave provides a variety of accommodations to suit your pet’s needs. With a team led by Sue and Belinda, who have extensive experience in cat care and disease management, your beloved cat will receive top-notch care and attention.

At The Cat Cave, the team’s love for cats shines through in their approach to caring for each feline guest. Sue and Belinda’s expertise ranges from handling feral kittens to managing the health of ageing cats. Their passion for cats extends beyond the boarding facility, as they are dedicated to sharing their knowledge with cat owners and staying up-to-date on the latest feline care practices. The Cat Cave’s mission is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for cats, ensuring that owners can relax knowing their pets are in good hands.

Founded by Sue and Belinda, who both have a deep affection for cats, The Cat Cave was born out of a desire to create a boarding facility where they would feel confident leaving their own pets. With a focus on understanding cat behavior, providing individualized care, and maintaining a stress-free environment, The Cat Cave stands out as a unique and exceptional choice for cat boarding in the Geelong district. For cat owners seeking a reliable and caring boarding option, The Cat Cave at Ocean Grove is the ideal choice.