Detailed Information

The Bully Merchant, established in 2018 in Sydney, Australia, is a reputable and family-owned kennel specializing in breeding American Bullies. With over a decade of experience in breeding, the Bully Merchant prides itself on providing top-quality pets with a focus on nutrition, exercise, genetics, and overall canine care. All their pets are registered with the official bully registry and come from imported pedigrees, including ABKC Champions and Grand Champions.

At The Bully Merchant, their mission is to produce the ultimate family pet that offers love, companionship, and adventure to your life. They strive to breed healthy, functional, and structurally correct pocket American Bullies known for their sweet-hearted nature, loyalty, and suitability for families. The kennel ensures that all pets are raised in clean and healthy environments, following strict cleaning procedures and providing nutritious meals prepared with locally sourced fresh ingredients.

The Bully Merchant offers ongoing lifetime support to assist in raising and caring for your pet, emphasizing the importance of socialization from a young age. Their partnership with industry leaders in pet transportation services ensures safe and prompt delivery of your new companion. If you’re looking for a loyal and loving family companion, The Bully Merchant is dedicated to providing happy, healthy pets that will bring joy to your home.