Detailed Information

The Bounding Hound: School 4 Dogs, established in 2009 by certified dog trainer Dr. Shan Lloyd, is a reputable dog training and behavior modification service provider located in Anstead, serving the Western suburbs of Brisbane. With a strong emphasis on enhancing canine behavior through basic training, behavior modification techniques, and engaging activities, The Bounding Hound aims to educate pet owners on understanding normal dog behavior, effective modification strategies, and principles of canine learning.

Dr. Shan Lloyd, equipped with a Cert III in Canine Behavior and Training from the National Dog Trainers Federation, brings a wealth of expertise to the business. In addition to her role as a dog trainer, Dr. Lloyd is also a practicing veterinarian with distinguished academic qualifications, including honors degrees in Zoology and Veterinary Science, as well as a PhD in Veterinary Science. The Bounding Hound offers a range of services such as dog training, puppy training, obedience classes, socialization, exercise programs, and assistance with behavioral issues like aggression and bad habits.

Servicing a wide area from Toowong to Karana Downs, including suburbs like Bellbowrie, Kenmore Hills, Indooroopilly, and more, The Bounding Hound: School 4 Dogs provides personalized and professional care for your furry companions. Whether you need help with training a new puppy, addressing behavioral challenges, or simply seeking expert advice on your pet’s needs, Dr. Shan Lloyd and her team are dedicated to delivering friendly and effective solutions tailored to your dog’s individual requirements.