Detailed Information

Ten Lives Cat Centre is the largest dedicated cat shelter in Tasmania, operating as a voluntary, not-for-profit organization. Established over 70 years ago, Ten Lives is committed to caring for and rehoming unwanted cats and kittens in Southern Tasmania. The center works tirelessly to improve feline welfare in the region and promote responsible cat ownership through community projects and education initiatives.

The primary mission of Ten Lives Cat Centre is to provide a safe haven for owned, stray, and feral cats, with thousands of cats passing through the facility each year. The center’s dedicated team of staff and volunteers, including foster carers, play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and successful rehoming of these animals. Through initiatives like “Edu.Cat,” an innovative feline education program, Ten Lives aims to create social change in how people care for cats and protect wildlife.

Under the leadership of Centre Manager Noel Hunt and a voluntary Board, Ten Lives embodies the belief that each cat has “Ten Lives,” symbolizing the care and support provided to these animals. The organization’s strategic pillars focus on cats, people, sustainability, environment, and community, reflecting its commitment to being a leading cat management organization in Tasmania and beyond.