Detailed Information

Temora Greyhounds (Temora GBOTA) is a prominent Greyhound Racing Association with a rich history dating back to 1939. Committed to upholding values such as transparency, integrity, and professionalism, the NSW GBOTA aims to be the world’s leading Greyhound Racing Association by delivering best practices and high standards in racing operations, advocacy, and welfare within the sport of greyhound racing.

The NSW GBOTA operates seven venues, including racing tracks and a trialling facility, offering a range of racing opportunities for greyhound enthusiasts. With a focus on promoting the sport and providing top-notch facilities, the association has a strong presence in the greyhound racing industry. From owning and managing racing tracks to offering advertising packages for businesses looking to gain exposure, Temora Greyhounds is dedicated to advancing the sport and supporting its members.

Whether you’re a seasoned greyhound owner, a racing enthusiast, or a business looking to boost your visibility, Temora Greyhounds (Temora GBOTA) has something for everyone. Join a community of passionate individuals who share a love for greyhound racing and experience the thrill of the trackside VIP events. Contact the association today to explore the various advertising packages available and elevate your brand’s presence in the exciting world of greyhound racing.