Detailed Information

Telarah Dog Training Inc. is a reputable dog training club located in Telarah, dedicated to providing top-notch training services for puppies and dogs of all ages. Led by Di Daff, the Head Trainer, the club offers a range of classes tailored to meet the needs of both new and experienced dog owners. Using positive reinforcement methods such as treat training, Telarah Dog Training ensures excellent results in obedience and behavior modification.

With a focus on creating a safe and engaging environment for dogs to learn and socialize, Telarah Dog Training Club prides itself on its commitment to the well-being and development of every canine participant. The club recently celebrated a successful year with a festive Christmas party, where dogs and owners alike enjoyed various activities and competitions. Notably, some club dogs have excelled in assessments with Delta Therapy Dogs, showcasing the effectiveness of the training provided at Telarah Dog Training.

For those interested in enrolling their furry companions in upcoming classes, contact Di Daff at 0439 857 158 to inquire about availability. Whether you have a new puppy or a seasoned dog in need of training, Telarah Dog Training Club welcomes all enthusiasts to join their community of dedicated dog lovers. Stay updated on club events and announcements by following Telarah Dog Training Club on Facebook.