Detailed Information

Teamwork Dogs is a reputable dog training business with over 20 years of experience in promoting the welfare and betterment of purebred and associate dogs. Located at two convenient training grounds in Taigum and Caboolture, Teamwork Dogs offers a range of classes for dogs from 10 weeks old through to adulthood. Their dedicated trainers, who are passionate about building healthy relationships between families and their beloved companions, continuously enhance their skills through workshops, seminars, and training groups.

Graduates of Teamwork Dog’s Foundation course can further their training by enrolling in the fun and game-based Reliability and Stability classes. These classes focus on enhancing foundational skills such as reliability and stability, crucial for a well-mannered family dog. Teamwork Dogs understands the importance of a well-trained dog in the household and is committed to providing dog owners with the necessary skills and confidence to achieve this. The business prides itself on offering courses on weekends, allowing the whole family to participate in the training sessions.

  • Puppy preschool and teenage dog training courses available
  • Specialized classes in canine myofunctional therapy and nutrition
  • Association with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia
  • Emphasis on wildlife avoidance training through teaching the ‘leave it’ command