Detailed Information

Team Lara – Hundetraining ohne Bullshit is a mobile dog training school based in Edermünde, dedicated to fostering positive training methods, strong bonds between dogs and their owners, and excellent obedience skills. Using positive reinforcement techniques, the team focuses on training without resorting to outdated dominance theories or coercive methods. Their approach is rooted in the latest scientific research, aiming to transform dogs and their owners into well-coordinated teams, turning behavioral challenges into triumphs and transforming unruly pets into reliable companions.

At Team Lara, the emphasis is on enjoyable and effective training experiences, steering clear of punitive measures. The team’s commitment to force-free training methods ensures a harmonious and respectful relationship between dogs and their owners. Whether addressing behavioral issues or enhancing obedience skills, Team Lara strives to create a supportive and engaging learning environment for both dogs and their human companions.

Team Lara is not just a dog training service; it is a statement against racism and fascism. By proudly supporting the #NazisRaus movement, the business advocates for inclusivity and equality. Through their dedication to positive reinforcement training and their stance against discrimination, Team Lara embodies a philosophy of compassion, respect, and social responsibility in all aspects of their work.