Detailed Information

Team Lara – Hundetraining ohne Bullshit is a reputable mobile dog training school located in the Edermünde area. Specializing in positive reinforcement techniques, the team focuses on fostering a strong bond between dogs and their owners while promoting excellent obedience skills. They pride themselves on their commitment to force-free training methods, steering clear of outdated dominance theories and coercive practices. With a dedication to staying abreast of the latest scientific research, Team Lara aims to transform any behavioral challenges into successful achievements, turning even the most stubborn dogs into reliable companions.

At Team Lara, the primary goal is to cultivate harmonious relationships between dogs and their owners through enjoyable and effective training sessions. By utilizing positive reinforcement methods, they help dogs overcome obstacles and develop into well-behaved pets. The team’s approach is centered on creating a supportive and engaging environment that encourages learning and growth, ensuring that both dogs and owners have a rewarding experience throughout the training process.

Team Lara is not just a dog training business; it is a symbol of inclusivity and advocacy against racism and fascism. By proudly supporting the #NazisRaus movement, they stand as a beacon of unity and tolerance within their community. Through their dedication to promoting positive values and ethical principles, Team Lara exemplifies a commitment to social responsibility and the well-being of both animals and society as a whole.