Detailed Information

Welcome to Takkicat Ragdolls, Sydney’s premier boutique cattery specializing in breeding top-quality Pedigree Ragdoll kittens. Founded by Taqi in 2018, our cattery is dedicated to ethically breeding Ragdolls with a focus on health, temperament, and pedigree. Our breeding cats are beloved pets that stay with us for life, ensuring a loving and caring environment for our kittens.

At Takkicat Ragdolls, we pride ourselves on producing traditional and mink Ragdolls that are DNA tested clear of PKD and HCM genes. Our cats are carefully selected to exhibit show quality traits and the friendly, affectionate temperament that Ragdolls are known for. We are an ANCATS Registered Breeder (19646) committed to upholding the highest breeding standards and providing our customers with healthy, well-socialized kittens.

With a passion for animals that dates back to childhood, Taqi ensures that love is at the center of everything we do at Takkicat Ragdolls. We not only strive to match our kittens with loving homes but also give back to the animal community by donating a portion of every adoption fee to animal rescue and welfare organizations. If you’re looking for Sydney’s best Pedigree Ragdoll kittens, look no further than Takkicat Ragdolls for a truly exceptional feline companion.