Detailed Information

Takilberan Border Collies is a reputable breeding business located in Northern NSW, dedicated to producing high-quality puppies with exceptional temperaments. Specializing in Border Collies, Sunny and Bailey recently welcomed a litter of adorable puppies on the 19th of December 2023. With a passion for the breed and years of experience as owners and enthusiasts, the team at Takilberan ensures that their dogs are treated as beloved family members, receiving the utmost care and attention.

Committed to the health and well-being of their animals, Takilberan Border Collies prioritizes the welfare of their dogs from birth until they find their forever homes. Situated on a spacious rural property, the dogs have ample room to roam and play, fostering their physical and mental well-being. Located conveniently within a few hours’ drive from major cities like Brisbane, Toowoomba, and Byron Bay, Takilberan Border Collies offers a serene environment for both their dogs and prospective owners to connect and build lasting relationships.

With a focus on producing top-quality Border Collies with excellent temperaments, Takilberan Border Collies is a trusted choice for individuals seeking a new furry companion. As a proud member of the breeding community, they uphold the highest standards of care and ethics, ensuring that each puppy finds a loving and caring forever family. For more information and to view adorable photos of their puppies, visit Takilberan Border Collies on Instagram or contact them directly at 0427367134.