Detailed Information

Take A Lead is a renowned dog training service dedicated to providing personalized training for both puppies and adult dogs. Led by Aggy, a highly qualified and experienced dog trainer, the team at Take A Lead treats each dog as an individual, tailoring training programs to help owners achieve their specific goals. With certifications from reputable organizations such as the National Dog Trainers Federation and the Council for Professional Dog Trainers USA, Aggy ensures top-notch training services for all clients.

Since 2009, Take A Lead has been offering expert training and care services for puppies and dogs, earning a reputation for excellence in the eastern suburbs. Specializing in puppy training, Take A Lead boasts one of the best puppy schools in the area, catering to the unique needs of young dogs and their owners. Whether you’re looking to address behavioral issues, obedience training, or socialization, the passionate team at Take A Lead is dedicated to making your time with your furry companion as happy and enjoyable as possible.

Aggy, the owner and operator of Take A Lead, is committed to upholding the highest standards in dog training, holding accreditations from leading industry bodies. With a focus on individualized attention and positive reinforcement techniques, Take A Lead strives to create a positive and enriching training experience for both dogs and their owners. Contact us today to learn more about the specialized services offered by Take A Lead and embark on a rewarding training journey with your beloved canine companion.