Detailed Information

Swan Animal Haven, also known as the Haven, is a distinguished independent charity based in Western Australia dedicated to providing care and support for abandoned and surrendered dogs. Established in September 1978, the Haven operates a dog rehoming shelter under a strict no-kill policy, ensuring that every dog in their care finds a compassionate new owner. With over four decades of experience, the Haven has successfully saved and rehomed thousands of dogs, thanks to their committed and dedicated workforce.

As a not-for-profit organization, Swan Animal Haven relies on donations in various forms to fund direct care for the dogs in the shelter, provide behavioral assistance when needed, and offer ongoing support for approved pre-existing conditions post-rehoming. The Haven welcomes contributions such as bequests, direct funding, items for their Facebook auction, bedding, food, and toys for the dogs. Their mission is to create a world where every dog has a safe and loving home, ultimately eliminating the need for dog shelters.

With a strong emphasis on the well-being and happiness of dogs, Swan Animal Haven believes that these sentient beings deserve love and care. Through their 40 plus-year legacy, the Haven has been a beacon of hope for abandoned dogs, offering them a second chance at a fulfilling life. To stay informed about the latest news and updates from Swan Animal Haven, individuals can subscribe to their newsletter for regular insights into the heartwarming stories of rescued dogs finding forever homes.