Detailed Information

Super Woofers – Dog Training is a premier dog training business located in Safety Bay, WA, founded by a passionate and experienced reward-based trainer. Specializing in training dogs and puppies for real-life situations, Super Woofers focuses on essential life skills such as recall, leash manners, and settling behavior. The goal is to help owners have well-behaved dogs that can accompany them anywhere, including cafes and public spaces.

With a strong belief that training should be enjoyable for both dogs and their owners, Super Woofers emphasizes tail-wagging fun throughout the training process. Understanding that every family is unique, the business offers personalized training plans tailored to each dog’s individual needs and the family’s lifestyle. Whether it’s basic obedience training or assistance and therapy dog training, Super Woofers is dedicated to helping dogs become superstars in their households.

  • Services offered include puppy training, advanced dog training, assistance dog training, and therapy dog certification.
  • The founder is a certified Super Dogs trainer and holds various qualifications in canine behavior, body language, and aggression rehabilitation.
  • Super Woofers is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest science-based and ethical training methods to provide the best possible training experience for dogs and their owners.