Detailed Information

Sunshine Coast Dog Minding, located in the heart of Caloundra with daily walks from Kings Beach, offers a unique and personalized pet care experience for dog owners looking to travel without leaving their furry companions behind. Unlike traditional kennels, Sunshine Coast Dog Minding provides a home-like environment where dogs are free to roam and socialize, without the use of cages. With a focus on ensuring both the pets and their owners are happy, the business conducts meet and greet sessions to familiarize everyone with the accommodations and staff.

  • Personalized pet care in a home environment
  • No cages, all dogs live freely with set rules
  • Meet and greet process for dogs and owners
  • Accommodations where dogs sleep where the staff sleeps
  • Excludes certain breeds and unneutered dogs

Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight the positive experience their dogs had at Sunshine Coast Dog Minding, emphasizing the care, love, and attention provided by the staff. With a focus on creating a stress-free environment for both pets and owners, the business aims to make each visit a pleasant and comfortable experience. For dog owners seeking a reliable and caring pet care service in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast Dog Minding offers a home away from home for their beloved companions.