Detailed Information

Strong Hearts Cat Rescue is a compassionate and dedicated animal rescue organization based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded over a decade ago by sisters Michayla and Jess, the rescue initially focused on saving farmed animals but has since expanded its mission to include rescuing and rehoming cats, dogs, and rabbits. The team at Strong Hearts Cat Rescue is committed to raising awareness about the unique needs and individuality of all animals, advocating for adoption as a means to combat the companion animal crisis, and emphasizing the importance of desexing to promote responsible pet ownership.

At Strong Hearts Cat Rescue, our farm sanctuary in West Gippsland serves as a rehabilitation center for rescued farmed animals, preparing them for adoption into loving homes. For our feline, canine, and rabbit rescues, we work with a network of dedicated foster carers throughout Melbourne who provide temporary care and love until the animals are ready for adoption. Our organization believes in the mantra of “Adopt, don’t shop,” encouraging the community to consider adoption as the first choice when looking to add a new furry family member.

Strong Hearts Cat Rescue is a registered charity with a strong presence in Victoria, Australia. Through our unwavering commitment to animal welfare and advocacy, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of animals in need and promote a culture of compassion and responsible pet ownership within our community. Join us in our mission to give every animal the chance for a happy and fulfilling life.