Detailed Information

Stoney Road Kennels is a reputable breeding establishment specializing in a variety of beloved canine breeds. Our commitment to ethical breeding practices sets us apart, ensuring the well-being and health of our Golden Retrievers, Groodles, Aussie Retrievers, and Aussie Doodles. With a focus on producing beautiful puppies, we take pride in the quality and care that goes into each breeding.

At Stoney Road Kennels, we are dedicated to providing families with loving and well-socialized puppies that make wonderful companions. Our breeding program is powered by a passion for these breeds and a deep understanding of responsible breeding practices. We prioritize the health and temperament of our dogs, striving to produce puppies that embody the best characteristics of their respective breeds.

When you choose a puppy from Stoney Road Kennels, you can trust that you are bringing home a happy and healthy addition to your family. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our love for these breeds, ensures that each puppy is raised with the utmost care and attention. Contact us today to learn more about our available puppies and find your perfect match.