Detailed Information

Stoneman Constructions is a reputable business specializing in crafting high-quality kennels for beloved furry companions. Located in Ballarat, this family-owned company takes pride in providing durable, weatherproof, and comfortable shelters for dogs of all sizes. Each kennel is meticulously quality tested to ensure optimal warmth and durability, making them a cozy retreat for pets year-round.

At Stoneman Constructions, the focus is not just on delivering exceptional products but also on supporting local suppliers and businesses. Every piece of timber used in their kennels is sourced locally, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and community support. With a dedication to providing the best for pets and their owners, Stoneman Constructions offers a range of kennel options, including their innovative Cabin Kennels, designed to meet the diverse needs of furry family members.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of in-house shipping and front yard delivery to Adelaide and Sydney, making it easier than ever to provide a comfortable and safe space for their pets. Whether customers are looking for a Traditional Kennel or the new Cabin Kennel design, Stoneman Constructions ensures that every purchase is met with excellent service and a product crafted with love and care.